No rehearsal on Wednesday, March 9th. Trivia contest on March 11th.

  • No rehearsal this Wednesday, but lots of other things to do besides watching Bruno Mars (which is an assignment!)

  • Please note attire – and prepare accordingly for the concert (hats/sunglasses/gold chains).

  • Check out our Facebook page for more activities and entertainment from our members.

  • And this Friday, March 11 Blue Bonnet Diner. 6:30 pm. Eat first.
    Come support our brave contestants: Priscilla, Rose, Suzanne, John, Nancy (Jim), Sylvia (Bob), Bobbin, Liz, Jenna, Raine, Betsy, and Lydia. Polka dot theme, so if you have polka dots or polka dot clothes, please offer our trivia heroes some.