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No rehearsal on Wednesday, March 9th. Trivia contest on March 11th.

  • No rehearsal this Wednesday, but lots of other things to do besides watching Bruno Mars (which is an assignment!)

  • Please note attire – and prepare accordingly for the concert (hats/sunglasses/gold chains).

  • Check out our Facebook page for more activities and entertainment from our members.

  • And this Friday, March 11 Blue Bonnet Diner. 6:30 pm. Eat first.
    Come support our brave contestants: Priscilla, Rose, Suzanne, John, Nancy (Jim), Sylvia (Bob), Bobbin, Liz, Jenna, Raine, Betsy, and Lydia. Polka dot theme, so if you have polka dots or polka dot clothes, please offer our trivia heroes some.

Rehearsal this week is in the auditorium


Rehearsal this week is in the auditorium

Please arrive as early as you can

Set-up begins at 6:00, we could use help moving percussion and setting up the stage

Email me if you are NOT coming to rehearsal this week but WILL BE at the concert on Sunday.
No i won’t be at the rehearsal for a very good reason but still intend to be at the concert. And I will practice, especially 8th candle

Email me if you want the poster. I can’t get it to load into the email program we use, but can send individually to those who would like it to send along or print.
Yes I want the poster!

Happy Hanukkah!

Love and light,